Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design (OSAD)

The Bachelor's in Graphic Design degree program is designed to provide talented men and women with a Biblical postsecondary education that prepares them as ministry practitioners, and explores the connections between Scripture, art, and design.

Program Objectives

In the context of Olivet University's mission, completion of the Graphic Design program will enable students to:

  • Demonstrate craftsmanship in the tools and technologies required for professional completion of a project.
  • Develop skills in visual communication, conceptually-driven image development, and composition.
  • Define audience/client needs and translate them into an appropriate aesthetic.
  • Practice professional presentation of their artwork.
  • Seek to contribute to the shaping of a meaningful visual culture by applying Gospel values to the practice of graphic design.

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate students at Olivet University must fulfill the following Bachelor's degree requirements for graduation:

      1. Pass a total of 180 quarter hours: 48 quarter hours of biblical studies and theological studies, 52 quarter hours of general education, 28 quarter hours of professional studies, at least 28 quarter hours of major electives, 12 quarter hours open electives, and 8 quarter hours of ministry practice.
      2. Maintain a 2.00 (C grade point average) in all Olivet University work.
      3. Receive a passing mark for all Christian Service and Chapel requirements.
      4. Satisfactorily complete a final project and final portfolio.
      5. Students are subject to the Bachelor's in Graphic Design degree requirements of the catalog of the year in which they entered.
      6. Satisfy all financial responsibilities to the university.

Course Listings

Introduction to Drawing
Color and Design
Basic Graphic Design
Typography 1
Graphic Design
History of Graphic Design
Digital Imaging
Art History: Iconography 13th - 14th Century
Introduction to Interior Design
Introduction to Fashion Design
Introduction to Advertising Design
Interactive Design & User Experience
Web Design 1
Typography 2
Digital Video
Typography 3
Corporate Identity
Information Design
Web Design 2
Senior Capstone Project