Welcome to Olivet College of Art & Design

Olivet University's Olivet College of Art & Design offers bachelor degree, masters degree, and continuing education programs for adults and youth. Olivet University's art & design program prepares students seeking to serve Christian Missions through the field of visual arts & design. The college’s intent is to offer onsite and distance-learning to ministry-bound students who wish to pursue the professional field of art & design.

OCAD bridges the realm of academics and professionalism in the workplace through biblical knowledge, education in art fundamentals, distinctive ministry practice, and mentor-based programs. The college teaches real-world skills to ensure that students are well equipped to become Christian creative leaders in the arts & design fields.

Olivet College of art & design engage students to become the next generation of leaders in the design and Christian communities. Passion and creativity are fueled through the foundation of faith-based education. With alumni networks in, OCAD creates opportunities for graduates seeking to serve Christ in the fields of art and design.

OCAD’s campus is located in the heart of San Francisco. Students are emerged in the city’s internationally diverse and vibrant art scene with inspiration at every corner. The school promotes the use of technology in enhancing students’ learning and craft. Designers are expected to integrate computer graphics, interactive media, digital imaging, animation, and online technology into their curriculum.

What students say

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- Jorge Cruz Vega (’12)