Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

All applicants are encouraged to tour OCAD’s online learning environment or campus before enrolling. Before enrolling, all applicants must also fill out an Enrollment Agreement and submit a deposit in accordance with the Student Fees and Payment schedule. A parent or legal guardian must sign the Enrollment Agreement if the applicant is under 18 years of age. Prospective students are encouraged to discuss plans, goals, and questions with an admissions advisor during this application process.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

In the application, all applicants must provide:

  1. Submit an application form along with the application fee. Click here to Apply online
  2. A written statement describing personal faith in Jesus Christ as it relates to a Christian conversion experience (normally at least one year previous to enrollment) and/or development in Christian character.
  3. A personal essay describing the purpose in applying to Olivet College of Art + Design.
  4. Submit a portfolio showcasing your best art + design works. Portfolio must include at least 10 images. 5-6 of those pieces must be observational drawings such as portraits, still life, figure, or landscape using pen, paints, pencil, or charcoal. Please submit them in CD, DVD, or photography format. Please do not submit originals as we do not accept binders or art cases.
  5. Submit 2 letters of recommendation. This can serve as evidence of Christian character and potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry. One letter of reference must be provided from an Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches (EAPC) pastor.
  6. High school and/or college transcripts or General Education Development (G.E.D.) scores. High school transcripts should show class rank (if available), date of graduation, grade point average, and all courses taken.

Transcripts from each school attended beyond high school should also be sent to OCAD. All transcripts must be sent directly from the school attended to OCAD. Personal copies are not official. Home school applicants are also welcome, though home school applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Graduates from foreign high schools must provide proof of graduation. If applicants who reside in the United States but attended school in foreign countries are unable to produce the required documents, evidence may include certification from other official sources.

Master of arts in graphic arts

In the application, all applicants must provide:

  1. DEGREE: A bachelor's degree, usually in the same area of study as the proposed graduate program. The Bachelor’s degree must be from a CHEA or USDE-accredited U.S. institution.
    Note: students with a baccalaureate degree from a state approved or non-accredited institution are encouraged to apply and ask for a transcript evaluation to determine whether conditional admission is possible. Preference is given to students who have completed their undergraduate studies with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, or the equivalent according to the institution’s grading norms.
  2. BIBLE: Demonstrate proficiency in Bible knowledge. A student seeking to enter a graduate degree program must take a written comprehensive examination in the area of Bible Knowledge. The Bible Knowledge examination tests a student’s ability to work with Biblical data. In a multiple-choice format, it determines the student’s knowledge of some detailed and specific information about Biblical texts, geography, backgrounds, and people. A passing score on this exam demonstrates a level of competency that does not require remedial course work in Bible and theology. Scores that rank below the acceptable competency level will determine that a student must enroll in 6 hours of remedial, non-credit Biblical studies courses, which Olivet offers at the undergraduate level as required core curriculum courses for all students enrolled in its Bachelor of Arts degree programs.
  3. PORTFOLIO: The student’s portfolio must focus on a body of work with a high level of specialization in the chosen area. A description list is necessary to accompany the portfolio, with each artwork labeled with your name, title, size, medium and completed date. The portfolio is expected to display a level of specialization consistent with an undergraduate major in those fields. For collaborative works, please explain your role in the creative process. International applicants are asked to provide an English translation of any copy/written material presented as part of the portfolio/reel.
    Applicants should contact an Admissions Representative for details on portfolio/reel submission, including content and format requirements.
  4. APPLICATION FORM: Must be filled out completely, signed, and dated. Submit with a $75 application fee.
  5. LANGUAGE: Those whose native language is not English may elect to submit a TOEFL exam score of score of 250 (or 600 on paper test).
  6. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: Graduate applicants must submit an official college transcript, verifying prior Bachelor's degree.
  7. STATEMENT OF INTENT: Applications must also include a personal statement of intent which, in addition to the portfolio, is a significant criteria for admission. This essay should outline the applicant's motivation for pursuing graduate study in design, discuss personal goals for the future, and outline any specific areas of interest within the field. It is not necessary to propose a topic for the master's project in this essay, as that will be developed during the program, but an indication of any directions in research the applicant might pursue is helpful. The personal statement should be clear and concise, no less than one and no more than four pages in length.
  8. RESUME: Should describe your education background, work experience, and skill set. A short resume covering educational and relevant experience. Media Design applicants should list computer-based creation and editing tools in which the applicant is fluent.
  9. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Three letters of recommendation are required for the MFA Program. At least one from an EAPC pastor is required. One to three letters of recommendation from academic, professional, and ministry references are strongly encouraged. They should be from people who are familiar with the applicant's work and experience, and should speak to an ability to conceptualize, execute, and communicate design.

Upon completion of all admissions requirements, OCAD admissions personnel will review the information and inform applicants whether or not they have to request application forms and instructions, call (415) 371-0002, or Click here to apply online.

Applications and artworks can be mailed to:

Olivet College Art & Design Admissions

250 4th Street

San Francisco , CA 94103

Student Technology Requirements

At OCAD, technology plays an important part in a student's ability to communicate with administration, faculty, and fellow students . Laptops will be networked through the school’s wireless internet connection for access to My Olivet, research, E-library, assignment submissions, classroom forums, presentations, and exams.

Accordingly, all students must have access to an Intel based computer laptop with the minimum specifications set forth below.

Ability to use email to correspond with faculty, staff, and students
Ability to operate Mac OS and/or Windows Operating systems
Ability to access, create, and save documents in Microsoft Office programs
Ability to run an anti-virus application to ensure that files are virus free
Ability to run Adobe and/or other graphics software packages

Software packages and Apple Macintosh laptops will be discounted for students. Laptops can also be considered into financial aid for students who qualify. Please be ready and have all laptops and software installed by the start of the course.