Olivet University knows that art & design are powerful tools in shaping today’s culture. Olivet College of Art & Design welcomes student applications from those who have chosen to serve Christ through the arts. The admissions department can assist you in making choices regarding the major and goals towards your future. An advisor can facilitate the application process for all students of diverse educational and personal backgrounds. Start your application today.

Design Degree and Program

Learn more about the courses, curriculum, and opportunities within OCAD’s design program. Learn more

Start Building a Strong Foundation

OCAD highly recommends that applicants follow a preparatory program that offers studio art and drawing experience. If applicants feel that a stronger basic knowledge of art & design is needed, OCAD recommends applying for our Foundations Program. Learn more

Student Works

Preview works created by our past and current students. See more

What students say

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- Xiao Gao (’12)