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Olivet Design Explores Entrepreneurship

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In addition to Olivet College of Art & Design's (OCAD) traditional courses in design, the college will look to explore putting entrepreneurship into the mix.  The role of design and business have shown benefits to the workplace in companies and ministries.  
In the past Olivet has fused business courses with graphic design, but OCAD plans to include more marketing analysis and business planning seminars.

"We are seeing more and more elements of business creeping into designers and their process of working.  Naturally we desire to integrate entrepreneurship in order to prepare students for the ministry field," said OCAD Program Director Diana Yoo.

Based on definitive explanations from authors Steven Heller and Tim Brown in their books "Becoming a Graphic Designer" and "Change by Design" the Design Entrepreneurship starts with a concept that makes its way to production and marketing.  The concept of design and business also spreads across multiple fields and specialized skill sets.

The college plans to begin with seminars and integrate more content into the official curriculum courses.  OCAD's entrepreneurship exploration could offer more opportunities not to designers but to other students in various colleges.