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OSAD Offers a Vision to Cultivate Passionate Artists

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Olivet School of Art & Design Director Zimou Tan recently presented a vision for the school’s future during a meeting with students in Anza, California.

Tan, who was newly appointed to OSAD, offered a three-part plan with hopes that students can grow and better use the resources given by God.

1. Invite artists who are established in their fields to host lectures at the campus. These individuals will share their experience and thoughts about their achievements. The purpose is not only to help students go on a journey of self-discovery, but also find real interest in their learning directions, with the people who had found success in their field.

2. Take action in the process of following God through different venues to trigger discussions, as to how Christian art can bring confidence, hope, and love in people’s lives. Art is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people. While more people are incorporating anger and negative messages into their art, OSAD's goal is to inspire art that carry graceful meanings and to cultivate artists who can bring peace back to people's hearts and souls.

3. Create opportunities for graduates to join with other OU schools and professional resources.


During the recent meeting, students were invited to participate in the discussion about art. Here are a few examples:

Q: “What is art? How can we tell if it is art?”

A: “Art is life, everything in this world is related to art, and everywhere you turn, you can’t get away from it. With a pure heart to see the world, the art will come to you. ”

Q: "Is there a standard for art? How can I distinguish true art?"

A: “The standards of art are different according to each person's perspective. We need to use our heart to communicate with art, to feel it without ego. The true artwork that can connect with people, it would bring nutrition to the soul. It is not the subject we choose to present, it is the meaning behind it that counts. John Singer Sargent (The famous American portrait painter) saw the beauty of the garbage waste and created a beautiful painting. If we want to have this ability, we must learn to look at things in the eyes of God.”

Q: "Do we need a lot of money to invest in it?”

A: "Devoting your life into the subject is more important than calculating your money investments. If you do not want to invest your time and efforts, there won't be harvest from it."

Q: "Is talent important?"

A: “Talents are good to have, but not the most important factor. It is a waste even if you have all the talents in the world, when you don’t use it. Talents can be cultivated with works and efforts. Passion is more important than talent, it will give you strength to become successful.”

Q: “Wouldn’t you think art is hard to do?"

A: "John F. Kennedy said, 'We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.’ The true leaders will accept the challenges, the followers will let life take control.“

Q: “Is drawing the only way to express art?”

A: “ There are lots of ways to express art, such as painting, photography, sculpture, design, etc. There are no limitations. OSAD will help you expand your understanding for arts.”