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Exploring Faith Through Art: OSAD Professor Zimou Tan's Solo Exhibition Concludes in New York

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Olivet School of Art and Design Professor Zimou Tan recently concluded his solo art exhibition, "The Lord Was There," at the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie, NY, running from March 1 to April 28, 2024.

Professor Tan, associate dean at Olivet School of Art and Design, is renowned for his mastery of portrait art and his dedication to revitalizing the gospel message through his work. His art, deeply rooted in his Christian faith, aims to convey timeless truths to viewers, bringing biblical stories and figures to life in a contemporary context. Among the exhibited pieces were "Valley of Dry Bones," "The Lion, the Lamb, and the King," "Forgiveness," "Temptations," "Faith," "40 Days," "Blessing," "Seeking Sanctuary," "Carrying the Cross Together," and "Receiving the Paraclete," each inspired by various biblical passages.

The exhibition sparked profound conversations about faith, humanity, and the pursuit of meaning, inviting visitors to contemplate the intersection of art and spirituality. In a recent interview with the Christian Post, Professor Tan explained his decision to abstain from painting portraits of Jesus. Tan expresses humility in recognizing the limitations of his art in capturing the greatness of God's presence and suggests that Jesus transcends any single portrayal.

Nevertheless, Tan's art serves as a compelling medium for evangelism and spiritual reflection, drawing individuals closer to the gospel message through its beauty and authenticity. Many exhibition attendees were deeply moved by the profound reflection of divine love in Tan's artworks, experiencing a stirring of emotions and a connection with the Holy Spirit.

Olivet University praises the Lord for Professor Tan's artistic achievements and his commitment to sharing the message of Jesus through the arts.