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Dedication Ceremony Celebrates Dr. Joan Brix Carter Library and Her Impact on Arts Education

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Dr. Joan Carter, dean of Olivet School of Art and Design, was recently honored with the dedication of a namesake library, commemorating her profound contributions to arts education. Her lifelong dedication to exploring the intersection of art and Christian faith has not only impacted Olivet University but has also inspired a new generation of Christian artists.

The dedication ceremony for the Dr. Joan Brix Carter Library took place on Saturday, April 27, at the Kitsap Golf Country Club in Bremerton, WA. Dr. Nate Tran, Chairman of Olivet University, commenced the event with a warm welcome and introductions. An acapella choir from Dr. Carter's church delivered a moving rendition of prayer songs, setting an inspirational tone for the ceremony. Following this, a comprehensive presentation highlighted Dr. Carter's transformative influence on Olivet University.

Dr. Carter's legacy is evident in the establishment of the previously named Olivet College of Art and Design, a testament recognized by current and former faculty who have collaborated with her since her tenure began in 2005. Over the past two decades, numerous students have graduated from the renamed Olivet School of Art and Design and expanding the influence of faith in the realms of art, design, and architecture. 

A congratulatory video, featuring senior faculty, former Olivet University leaders, and close associates, conveyed warmth and appreciation for the newly dedicated library. Dr. Carter was presented with abundant blessings and honors from Hesed Board members and Olivet University leaders, including a plaque, booklet, certificate of appreciation, and flowers. 

In her remarks, Dr. Carter expressed gratitude to the Lord for guiding her journey with Olivet University and for the establishment of new institutions aimed at advancing His Kingdom. Dr. Diana Yoo, associate dean of Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture, shared testimonies highlighting the indelible mark Dr. Carter has left on countless lives.

May Dr. Joan Brix Carter's legacy continue to inspire many through the namesake library.