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OCAD Students Serving the Local Church

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Olivet College of Art & Design students are collaborating with local churches to assist churches with web design and marketing pieces.  This service is part of the college's ministry practice program where students are learning about community involvement and serving local churches through design.

Projects that OCAD students are working on include web design for church website, flyers for outreach programs, church service bulletins, and marketing pieces for church events.  Students are able to serve the church using their unique design talents. 

In one recent project, OCAD students supported a local church for a series of concerts by Christian artists held at the churches.  The concert welcomed a packed audience thanks to the marketing efforts and presentation from OCAD's undergraduate design team. 

The project included promotional flyers, posters, and a website landing page.  Design students worked with the church's marketing team in promoting the events throughout downtown San Francisco. 

Students are planning to widen their networks by collaborating with more local churches in promoting their events.  Through Olivet College of Art & Design and the ministry service program, graphic design resources are made freely available to pastors for evangelism and missions.