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Design Resource Project Launched

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Olivet College of Art & Design (OCAD) alumni and students are collaborating on a college-wide project that can enhance education.  The project involves setting up an online resource website which provides educational content in Graphic Design that is accessible to OCAD students and alumni with a valid school ID. 

Over the years, the college has maintained archives of work from professionals, alumni, students, and professors.  Many of the contents include references and tutorials that may not be necessarily be covered in a course.  Students who do extra research and refine skills outside of class can refer to these resources.  Reading, seeing, and watching the available materials can enhance their performance in the class room and internships.

The project has stirred excitement from both staff and students.  OCAD's Program Director Ginturn Tran believes this will add more value to student learning and ministries who plan to hire OCAD graduates. 

"Students can easily gain inspiration for learning new skills by accessing the site.  The educational materials can provide them with an advantage in both the classroom and ministry internships.  This project has been years in the making, it is wonderful to have dedicated alumni give back to the new class of students through the creation of this website." said Tran.

Students and Alumni can try out the website during its test launch, which is scheduled for next month.