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JCM's Dr. Smoak Hosts Art Exhibit

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Jubilee College of Music's Dean Dr. Merrill Smoak hosted the annual Pentecost Art Exhibit at the Trinity Baptist Church in Livermore, CA title "A Celebration of Christ Centered Arts." 

As part of the exhibit, Olivet College of Art & Design (OCAD) students were invited to submit design work in the event's art showcase.  Several OCAD art and design pieces graced the church walls joining a collection of other professional artist works.  

The annual exhibition showcased various types of art from local artists which include watercolor, oil paintings, stained glass, graphic design, and digital works.  The event began with a gallery viewing then followed with a discussion with the artists.

Guest speaker Dr. Gary McCoy, GGBTS professor of church music, opened the event with a lecture titled "What Does Art Say to the Church?" and then mediated the sessions inviting the artist to explain about the artworks and answer questions from the audience. 

One of the OCAD student works titled "Lettering Acts" combined typography with graphical elements to narrate the scene from the book of Acts.  One student reflected on seeing the arts and listening to Dr. McCoy's lecture:

"The artists' works were very inspiring and powerful to me. Each works were full of profound meaning and symbolism. As we listened to the artist’s' explanation about the process of their works, I was able to feel that the act of creation.  The works had a holy presence and a process that cannot be done without the inspiration and revelation from God, who is the origin of all creation."

OCAD students received valuable experience in marketing their work and analyzing their designs through deeper discussions with professionals.