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Designing a Universal Language is 'Tough'

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Olivet University's College of Art and Design (OCAD) students are tasked with developing an identity and communications system as part of their final projects.  The info graphics involved within the project involves the balanced use of icons, logos, typography, color, and composition.  Each was created newly for existing organizations to promote its brand and innovatively communicate visually.

Some examples included students redesigning a bus route map for the San Francisco Muni transportation system.  Another involved a map for visitors to Yosemite National Park.  Every project presented its challenges as students may only use icons and signs to ensure visitors know how to reach their desired location using very limited text. 

"The biggest challenge for was figuring out how to communicate it well and not just making the map look pretty or cool," said design student Jorge Cruz.  "It's very tempting to just wanting to make the project look visually attractive but not communicate in the proper manner.  Making things universally understood across all languages is tough."

The students from the Identity course are expected to present the project during finals week with some selected for OCAD's quarterly exhibition show.

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