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Design Professor Launches Learning Lecture Lab Series

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Professor Maurice Woods of Olivet University’s design college is kicking off a lecture series for his youth design education program called Inneract Project, IP.  The first lecture of IP's "Learning Lab" features former Nike Design Director D'Wayne Edwards.  Edwards was the footwear designer for popular sport athletes such as Michael Jordan, current basketball star Carmelo Anthony, and baseball's Derek Jeter.  The event will feature Edwards speaking about his design process as well as his experience in starting up the first shoe design academy in the U.S.  called Pensole Academy.

Edwards began the innovative Footwear Design Academy to offer students the opportunity to train as professional footwear designers with industry leaders.  He left a lucrative career at Nike with hopes to help others achieve their dream of becoming a designer. 

Check out the Lecture Learning Lab event on June 14th, at Guerrero Gallery in San Franciso, to learn more about D'Wayne Edwards design process and his innovative academy.  All proceeds from the event will be donated towards helping provide youth free classes and exposure to design field.

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