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Gridding It Out For Poster Designs

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Design students in Olivet University's Graphic Design Composition, Space, and Scale studio class are preparing the final phases for their projects.  The final posters project will challenge designers to compose their design utilizing the grid system for the layout and organization of information. 

A grid system uses a layout framework to help with placement of typography and content.  It offers a sold balance for visualizations that can be quite flexible despite the rigid and uniform structure.  Student designers are pushed to explore the possibilities within the grid based designs experimenting with spacing, padding, margins, and line height.

The posters will borrow conference themes from organizations such as TypeCon, The American Red Cross, and California Association of Museums.  Students were encouraged to work together even though the assignments are individually based.  Teams would spend time bouncing ideas off one another and apply it to their own project.  Presentations will take place at the end of the quarter with some pieces considered as selections for Olivet's next design exhibition.