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Designers Exhibit Marketing Tactics with Posters

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A hallway lined with graphic design posters showcased work from Olivet College of Art & Design designers at last week's exhibit.  Students from the college collaborated on designing a series of posters and marketing materials to promote various organizations' events. 

Students went through research and constantly evolved their concepts until the right design fit with the message of the campaign.  Through working with peers and instructors, each poster went through a rigorous process of refinement, enhancements, and searching for the ideal approach to market the organization’s event.  Once that was determined, the technical skills of working with grids, type, color, composition, layout, printing, and graphics came into play.

Design student Cherry Zhou spoke about her project designed for the MPA/IMAG Independent Magazine Conference. 

"For MPA, I wanted to build on the concept of open ended discussions and connection building.  Those were primary objectives of the conference and my idea was to collage their past magazine covers along with the primary speakers to convey exchange, conversation, and community," said Zhou. 

"I'm truly thankful to my classmates for their contributed ideas.  Even though it was my individual personal project, collaboration played an important part and runs consistent with the theme of this poster."

Other poster design concepts involved students to deeply research their client and represent them creatively while still connecting the core message to a target audience.