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Workshop Promotes Responsive Design

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Students from Olivet University's College of Art and Design participated in an Adobe Photoshop workshop sponsored by the San Francisco chapter of AIGA.  The event looked into designing responsive websites utilizing Photoshop and Edge tools. 

Workshop instructor Brian Wood showcased how responsive designs can optimize websites for speed, user experience, and quicker loading times despite a diverse set of devices and screen sizes.  The workshop allowed designers to tap into Adobe Photoshop’s various tools for exporting CSS code for complex responsive designs.

Olivet College of Art and Design graduate students plan to implement more responsive designs their final projects this quarter. One student plans to design a social website targeted toward Christians in her home country.  The website project allows users to create their own spiritual space for managing Bible readings, recording daily inspirations, and sharing stories or inspirations from their walk of faith.  Through learning the new techniques, students plan to utilize responsive design in order to enhance their website user experiences.