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Art Exhibition Showcases Entrepreneurial Side of Design

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After months of researching and refining, the design students from Olivet University's College of Art & Design placed their graduation design project on display at its annual graduate work exhibition.

For the final graduation design projects, students were allowed to choose whatever topic interested them, with the consent of their professors.  Many of the projects focused on concepts that can be used for practical purpose in everyday social life. One design student designed a tablet app called "Wise Couple," which helps Christian Couples establish a healthy marriage. The app user selects from different plans, which are intended to help Christians reflect on their marriages. The plans are designed as an informational guide to assist users in obtaining essential marriage guidelines to help support a stable relationship.

"The final design project is really a challenging task," said Cherry Zhou, the creator of Wise Couple.  

"I thought of my topic for a while and at last I decided to make an app that can help Christian Couples strengthen their relationships. It’s my first time to design a tablet app. The design focus is different from graphic design. It’s focused on user experience and it’s the most difficult part for me to get through," added Zhou.

Another student, Jorge Cruz, looked into creating a Christian clothing brand called Agnvs Dei. The clothing can both display new alternative artwork while spreading the Scripture and Gospel messages through modern designs. The clothing brand would feature multidisciplinary art made by Christian artists, designers, photographers, and print makers.  

"It gives these participants a medium and identity to express themselves, and the opportunity to create art and form a network for a Christian artists," said design student Jorge Cruz. "Agnvus Dei is a platform for Christian artists who want to express their beliefs and faith through a modern art language. As artist-designer believers in Christ, we have a responsibility to share the core of our faith."

Cruz's entrepreneurial spirit plans to build up the brand in order to create a scholarship fund from a percentage of the brand’s profit.  He plans to donate to Christian art programs in order to give a chance for young Christian artists to have opportunities in studying design.

The OCAD design exhibition is currently on display at the University's basement gallery until the end of the month. For more information, please contact