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Design Students Visit Yahoo for Evening of Type

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Students from Olivet School of Art & Design (OSAD) joined an event hosted at Yahoo's office in San Francisco with design faculty member Maurice Woods, shortly after the SF Design Week in June. 

During the "Yahoo Monotype" event, Woods addressed the audience on the topic of typeface design considerations.  Other guest speakers from Monotype design teams such as Dan Rhatigan, the Monotype Type Director, and Mark Boulton, the Digital Design Director at Monotype, also contributed with presentations.  Woods lectured on how to layout pages for online magazine and websites.  He also taught students in the field on how type influences design and workflow for Yahoo Magazines.  

Maurice has been working on typeface Yahoo online magazine project for over a year. Students received abundant guidance and experiences through this visit. 

"I am very excited to have this opportunity and learn how Yahoo works with type. Type is so important that every designer should deal with it and today I gained in-person experience on how Yahoo selects type in different projects," said OSAD Master Student Yu Lu.

Maurice Woods served as Co-Chair of Education for the AIGA San Francisco and taught classes for both graduate and undergraduate students at multiple colleges. He was also the founder and executive director of the Inneract project,  an organization dedicated to providing free design education to inner-city youth and their communities.