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Design Student Creates Mobile App for Daily Devotions

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Master student from Olivet School of Art & Design, OSAD, created a mobile App for Christian daily devotions as part of their "Interactive Design" course last quarter.

Olivia Zhang presented her mobile App focused on providing a platform for enhancing communications among Christian users. Through this platform, church ministers, members and friends can interact with each other in a timely manner and bound more closely.

“My main purpose to develop this App is to evangelize more people and strengthen the relationship of Christians," said Olivia Zhang.

"Based on the skills and experience I obtained from the Interactive Design course, I am able to make a plan and design this App," she added.

Zhang spent the summer months polishing up her project and plans to launch the app after more user testing. There are some basic functions on the app where users can post daily devotions, leave feedbacks, search contents, find other users and join different groups.

OSAD instructor Jieun Lee helped advise Zhang on the app’s development. "It is very convenient for people to share their prayer topic and reflections. It is also helpful for church to post their Sunday message and activities," said Jieun Lee.