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OSAD Students, Alumni to Join Fall Online Exhibition

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Students and alumni from Olivet School of Art & design, OSAD, are participating actively in an online exhibition named "Portrait of Love" which is expected to open in October 2015.

Creatio International, a non-profit Christian organization, is arranging the exhibition with the help of OSAD student volunteers. A selection of OSAD faculty and alumni are exhibiting their original works while others are encouraged to contribute with donations.

"The exhibition could be in diverse forms such as photography, portrait, handcraft, sewing, knitting, drawing, paper sculpture, painting and other arts that relate to express faith and love," said Zimou Tan, the U.S. representative of Creatio International. "Artworks from the exhibition could be purchased and open to sale," he added.

In recent years, art and design has been playing a much more important role in the lives of faith, worship and culture renewal. The exhibition hopes to empower and evoke the human spirit within Christian communities.

"I am eager to see those creative artworks and I do think it is a great opportunity for participants to express their faith and love toward Christ through visual arts," said OSAD instructor Sylvia Lee.

Creatio International is comprised of visual artists with passion to serve Christ and has the mission of raising professional ministers in the field of visual arts to transform the world culture with Christian values. To learn more about the organization, please visit