Master of Graphic Design (OSAD)

The OSAD Master of Arts in Graphic Arts program is designed to prepare future artists for positions as lead designers, art directors, academia, and visual communicators in the world of 21st century Christian mission. This program provides students with research, practical, and analysis based education in the visual arts through exposure to professional example and understanding of industry standards.

Program Objectives

In the context of Olivet University's mission, completion of the Master of Arts in Graphic Arts program will enable students to:

  • Skills: exercise technical skills necessary to produce a professional level portfolio that matches or exceeds industry standards.
  • Leadership: Be prepared for effective Christian leadership in the field of graphic Arts.
  • Research: Conduct independent research demonstrating the ability to transform concepts into visual form.
  • Biblical: Articulate biblical and theological understanding of art and design.
  • Mission: Actively contribute to the shaping of a meaningful visual culture by composing a thesis project in collaboration with Christian ministries, organizations, academic and professional industry practitioners.
Course Listings
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Making Idea Visible
  • Advanced Digital Imaging
  • Digital Design Studio
  • Advanced Typography I
  • Advanced Visual Design
  • Advanced Interactive Design
  • Advanced Interaction & Usability
  • Advanced Typography II
  • Advanced Branding and Identity
  • Graphic Arts Seminar I
  • Final Design Project Research
  • Final Design Project
  • Ministry Practicum