Academic Support

English Second Language Support

OSAD provides English support for international students. Support varies from workshops, English classes, to one-on-one tutors. Students are welcome to apply for English sessions taught every weekday. Flexible timing accommodates student course schedules and English tutors are available by appointment.


Students who need extra assistance because of academic difficulties may arrange for tutoring through their Academic Advisor. The University believes in giving every student the opportunity for individualized assistance outside of the normal class setting. Tutoring sessions help students clarify points from lectures, labs, discussion sessions, or assigned readings. All tutoring sessions are intended to supplement, not replace, any class attendance or personal study time.

Study Groups

Study sessions provide on-campus art students with the opportunity to meet with instructors for individual assistance or to use facilities and equipment for individual study or practice. Students who take advantage of study sessions are expected to perform better in the classroom. Should your instructor determine your progress in one or more areas to be unsatisfactory or below normal (typically considered less than C-work), the instructor may recommend attendance at a study session or office hours. Online tutoring options are also available through the Academic Advisors.

Online Support

OSAD offers help desk technical support for all online students. This ranges from email setup, general questions, difficulty with My Olivet login and functions, access to resources, uploading homework, receiving messages, and online viewing issues. Online support is available in the My Olivet login account.