Counseling Center

Student Mentors

OSAD offers mentorship programs to help provide divers and approachable role models for incoming students. These Student Mentors are selected examples in their commitment to education, professionalism, Christian faith, and passion to help others. First year students are paired with supportive and informative Student Mentors where they can chat about adjustment to School life, spirituality, ministry practice, health, relationships, and campus activities. The program is meant to cultivate Christian faith in combination with a social and educational atmosphere.

Academic Advisors

Academic advising is coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs, with support from the Office of Student Affairs. Some of the main functions of the Office of Academic Affairs are to provide guidance in course registration, to serve as a resource in relationship to University policies, procedures, and administrators, and to provide advice and assistance in any academic, vocational, or personal problems that may arise.

Upon admission to OSAD, each student is assigned two advisors, usually the Program Director from the student's School (the Academic Advisor) and a faculty member from the student's School (Faculty Advisor). The role of these advisors is to guide course selection and serve as a resource with regard to the School’s policies and procedure for Spiritual Formation.

Spiritual enrichment through Christian living at OSAD is an opportunity for everyone – students, staff, faculty, and administration – to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and live moved and emboldened by Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Counseling

Students are encouraged to communicate openly, but respectfully with all OSAD staff members, and to seek spiritual guidance at any time, especially from the Director of Christian Service. Personal counseling is intended to help students better adjust to their experience and to provide support for their personal walks of faith. OSAD also encourages students to maintain ties with EAPC church leaders throughout their tenure at OSAD, especially students who attend online.